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BELOVED AND PRECIOUS jewellery is handmade from my studio in Devon using silver and precious metal clay. Unique designs come from a passion for vintage jewellery, specifically an ivory rosary with a stanhope lens given to my great grandfather by nuns in France when he was injured during the first world war. As a little girl, I would often ask to see the Church in the lens and loved the surprise of seeing something so tiny. I grew up & completely forgot about it. I found a desire to travel the world and had a corporate career in London. After starting a family, we relocated to Shaldon, a beautiful village in Devon. The slower pace of life encouraged me to reignite my love of jewellery and from that desire I decided to handcraft a contemporary locket with a lens, recreating my own version of the feelings from viewing the little Church.  I started a silversmithing course and I couldn't stop designing. I continued designing rings, necklaces and bracelets which were followed by a unique charm bracelet known as a banglet.  Learn Devon selected my jewellery to be exhibited at The Contemporary Craft Festival in Bovey Tracey, in both 2014 and 2016. Suddenly Beloved and Precious was born, named after both my daughters Cornish middle names - 'Cara' meaning loved one or beloved and 'Tegen' meaning precious little thing - There is no doubt that without their help and support (& my Cornish husband too!) I would not be living my jewellery designing dream.

Deborah x

a beloved and precious locket is unique. no need for grading like a diamond to determine its value, each wearer will have their own black and white photograph in the tiny ultra-high powered magnifying lens which they can either share with others to view from a long length chain or keep to themselves as a secret on a short length chain - the choice is yours. 

Our Vision



contemporary locket


Kate Haskell, Devon Life

beloved and precious have hit upon an idea that is unique and also rather secret too 

learn devon

your piece - banglet - has been selected in the art of learning exhibition at the contemporary craft festival 

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